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Keeping your Employees Happy and Motivated? 🙂

For employees workload is increasing and workplaces are becoming more stressful. Given this situation it is more important than ever to keep your employees happy and motivated. A happy employee is a more productive employee.

Here are some simple steps to keep your employees happy in the workplace:

  1. Feed them

Food is essential! Have a snack point with biscuits and coffee at least. Food gives energy which in turn leads to productivity. So go ahead and invest in that coffee machine

  1. Customize office Space

Use office wall space to post motivational pictures, birthday cards or group photos. This gives a personalized feel and keeps the workplace fun and not boring or drab. Encourage employees to customize their workstations as well

  1. Employee Outings

Take out the employees for dinner or a movie. A day’s trip to the nearest theme park would work wonders. This could be valuable employee bonding time and be a good memory for them.

  1. Stress Buster Kits

Keep clay balls and color books with color pencils and watch your employees slip back into their kindergarten days. Add some bubble wrap and you’ll just make your employees love you. We know because at Peepal Consulting this is precisely what our HR did 🙂

  1. Celebrate Milestones

Birthdays, anniversaries and personal achievements can be celebrated. Just a simple Congrats message or a personalized chart would boost morale.

  1. Acknowledge Achievements

Big or small all achievements should be acknowledged. A certificate or any simple incentive will also make the employee feel acknowledged.

  1. Fun Activity Days

Screen a movie or a sports match. The HR team can come up with other fun activities for the employees to let their hair down and start their weekend on a fun note!

  1. Just say Thank You

One of senior employees suggests this tip. Sometimes just thanking someone and really meaning it goes a long way.

These are some tips to keep your employees happy and motivated.

What practices do you follow in your workplace?

By: Padhy Sanathana Krishnan- Management Trainee.



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