Fun & Clebration 

*static over the microphone”
Devio aur Sajano.. 

Welcome aboard flight no -265 of Peepal Airlines. In preparation for takeoff, please ensure that you “let your hair down”, stow away your worries in the overhead bins, and buckle up for some masti. On behalf of all the Peealites and your captain for this evening - fun; we hope you have a memorable evening with us!”  *ding* Fun & Celebrations are a huge part of the atmosphere at Peepal and Peepalites love to have a good time and let their hair down.Of course, there isn't only one way to have a good time, we have multiple. Check them out below:

Fun Session: TGIF! This is Peepal's tradition, focused on facilitating ice breaking, team bonding, and stress bursting. The Fun Session is one activity to definitely look forward to. 

Celebrations: We don't let any special occasion go by without celebrating it! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions .. etc. When it's your day... we won't let anything rain on your parade!

Team Lunches: The way to a man person's heart is through their stomachs! We believe in happy teams! To encourage team spirit, bonding, and refreshing zealousness teams are encouraged to go out take up activities or lunch outings together. Monthly/ Quarterly funds are allocated for the same.

Committees: Committees are a way to not only foster the spirit of Team Work but also act as the platform for the employees to participate in the policy and process-related decision-making at Peepal. There are 6 Core Committees at Peepal:

  • Make My Trip: Committee responsible for taking us on our outings (can’t wait for the next one!).
  • Hall of Fame: Committee responsible for making Award Ceremonies a gala Experience
  • Edwiser: Committee responsible for the learning and development
  • Fun Squad: Committee responsible for putting the 'yay' in "Fri-yay" and other employee engagement activities.
  • Hashtag: Committee comprising of the savants of Social Media and Interactions.
  • Focus Groups: Responsible for  Policy related changes from time to time. It is an Exclusive committee of Top Management at Peepal.